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At Bay Health we strive for optimal well-being.

Our products and services are designed to bring balance and develop all aspects of the self to meet physical, spiritual and emotional needs.


The body is our temple

At MyBayHealth.Com our commitment is to lead and inspire every individual to take best care of self, by eating healthy, exercising, and utilizing alternative medicine.

MyBayHealth.com is nurturing instinctive reasoning; restoring all senses back to original states. The goal is for people to experience spiritual, mental, and physical well being. And the Company is helping individuals to develop new skills by expanding the mind through beginner and advanced learning techniques.

As you start to develop holistic experience, your conditioned state changes and growth and healing naturally occur. At Bay Health, we strive to assist the mind, physical, and spiritual states toward excellence and wholeness.   Phillip Fox ~ Owner

Recently, Phillip Fox has been featured as a “Men Who Rockit!” for bringing excellence in entrepreneurship. Helping people be well.


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Bay Health Proprietor, Phil Fox

Greatness Begins With YOU