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At Bay Health we help people understand the state of their current nutrition. The fact is, most people don’t get enough healthy nutrition throughout the day. Our western modern food supply may not contain all of the nutrients that people need.

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Did you know that you could protect and repair your DNA with AC-11?

AC-11 is accompanied by multi patents with studies designed to protect/repair DNA. Protecting our DNA is crucial as it is confronted with over 10,000 lesions per cell per day and by the age 25 these injuries overwhelm the repair process, accelerating aging.

AC-11 is an organic Amazon Rainforest extract of the Uncaria Tomentosa plant, proven to enhance cell health by:

  • Enhancing The Body’s Natural Immunity
  • Limiting Inflammation
  • Supporting the Body’s Defense against the Effects of Aging
  • Supporting the Body’s Natural Ability to Repair and Maintain its DNA
  • Helping Manage the Effects of Aging
  • Enhancing the Body’s Natural DNA Repair Processes
Bay Health, DNA, Designer Nutrition
Bay Health, San Rafael, DNA Nutrition
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Enjoy the benefits of AC-11
formulated and blended
into your designer ÜTRITION.

Patent No. 6,964,784, Patent No. 7,579,023
Patent No. 7,595,064, Patent No. 7,955,626

Health is a habit, not an event. Ütrition is a straight line of raw materials sourced by your DNA that includes a clinical dose of AC-11.

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