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Using a modern approach to living ones best life, practitioners Greg YauJoy Tianyun Wu, Louis Grant Smith, Jim Weaver, Deviyana Livneh, bring continuing education to members at Bay Health Group.

Greg Yau, Training, Teaching


Born in Hong Kong and raised in San Francisco Sifu Yau, began studying the Ip Man Wing Chun system in 1972 from his two uncles, Chris and Stanley Chan, both students of the Great Grandmaster Ip Man. Yau was given permission to teach after only one year of training with his uncles. He spent eight years working in an acupuncture clinic as an apprentice for Dr. John S. Yee PhdD. LAC, from 1985 to 1992, learning Acupuncture, Herbs, and Chi Gung. From 1995 to 2002, Sifu Yau studied under Wing Pon, learning Quantum Physics and helped co-created the Holon Method. He continued his Quantum and Theoretical Physics knowledge with Bill Gough of the Foundation for Mind Being Research from 2000 to present.

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Joy Tianyun Wu, Ph.D., DAOM, L.Ac

Is a Chinese Medicine doctor, who spent 20 years working as a biomedical research scientist. This gave her a unique perspective on conventional medicine and Chinese traditional medicine.

Dr. Joy Tianyun is a passionate doctor of Traditional Chinese medicine and a licensed acupuncturist.  She has found true happiness in helping others become healthier and happier.

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Jim Weaver

A certified Qigong instructor that offers classes and workshops in taoist and Buddhist styles of Qigong. A lifelong student of the healing arts with over twenty years of personal qigong practice. His classes are designed to give people the ability to find peace of mind. Giving students the tools to drop stress quickly, improve their health and restore their vital energy. His goal is help as many people as possible reach their full energetic and spiritual potential.

Authorized Tibetan Qigong Teacher-2003 by Master Zi Sheng Wang.
Certified Qigong for Wellness instructor-2009 by Shifu Brendan Rogers.
Certified Taichi Healthways instructor-2012 by Shifu Jesse Tsao.
Certified Dragon Gate Qigong instructor.2016 by Shifu Michael Rinaldini (Lichangdao)

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Deviyana Livneh

Devi is a Somatic therapist as well as a Qi Gong and Tai Chi instructor. These practices combine mindfulness and fitness. The slow, fluid movement improves balance and coordination. A practice designed to relax the body, expand the breath, release stress, and calm the mind. Growing medical evidence shows that Qi Gong reduces high blood pressure, supports good sleeping habits, mitigates respiratory issues, and enhances overall health. Devi has been practicing moving meditations for twenty years. Started with Yoga and later found her way to studying Qi Gong and Tai Chi with Master Zi, founder of the Dharma Health Institute.

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Mike, Petrucelli,

Mike Petrucelli – Water Guru

Mike Petrucelli has been in the Health and Wellness industry since 2007. He has been a top leader and educator for a number of industry-leading companies whose main focus is on the well-being of human physiology.

Mike is well known in the “healthy water” industry as pioneering the very first Alkaline/Hydrogen Water Store in the USA while educating and servicing over 5,000 customers. In recent years he has personally educated thousands of people on the benefits of outstanding life-enhancing products such as EMF protection devices, healthy water filtration, Hydrogen Water units, Hydrogen inhalation machines and more. Mike has also achieved success as Speaker, Certified National Trainer and on-stage MC and Presenter for a major network marketing company. Mike has a certain “casual but professional” way of assisting his clients on a level that makes people feel extremely comfortable with the education and purchasing process.

Mike’s “down to earth” approach is just one ingredient that has helped him achieve the number one educator position with multiple companies in recent years. We’re excited to have Mike on board at Bay Health Group, and look forward to a long-standing, growing relationship.

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Louis Grant Smith

Louis Grant Smith

Louis Grant Smith grew up on a trading station in the rural Traanskei of South Africa. At the age of 26, he applied for a life policy but was rejected and was diagnosed with Leukemia. After doctors tried all options for five years, he was sent home and given only a few months to live. With death knocking at his door, out of desperation he listened to a friend who cared enough to give him supplements and educate him about the impact that whole food, clean non-GMO nutrition can have on our lives. So at 26 he was refused a life policy, but was healthier than ever before, thanks to the understanding of whole food nutrition and the support of NeoLife Nutritional Supplements.

Louis Grant Smith’s life’s passion is to spread his story, and help others create their own. God has blessed him with the knowledge that whole food nutrition can mean the difference between life and death, and he’s here to share that wealth as a a Nutritional Consultant who has spoken in over 25 countries on whole food nutrition with audiences up to 11,000 people. Louis is extremely passionate to teach about healthy eating habits, as well as leadership and making a positive difference.

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