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Nearly 400 million unique formulations, made to order from over 100 natural peer reviewed ingredients by the Utritionator – The worlds first automated personalized formulation machine.

Your Name on the Container, (Made in a cGMP certified facility)


Its as EASY as:

  • DNA Test
  • DNA Report
  • DNA Customized Nutritional Formula

The End of an Era… Good-bye Blind Nutrition


Evolution of DNA-based Nutrition

  • Triggering events(lifestyle) Optimal lifestyle recommendations.
  • Propagation of disorder: inability to resolve the metabolic deficiency / inflammatory state. (genetics)                                                                       Enhance our recovery potential.
  • Molecular-level interactions between nutrients and their bioavailability.                         (Micronutrients)                                                     Personalized nutrition and supplementation.
  • Microorganisms and how they respond to their environment

Feed our bodies the correct nutrients needed to thrive


Micro-nutrient and DNA Power Couple                                                  (Necessary Tools For Maximum Results)


Metabolic/Micronutrient Test                                                      DNA Test

  • Snapshot – Blueprint
  • Results Change – Sequencing does not change
  • Guidance-Recommendations – Direction removes guesswork
  • Supports Genetic Findings – Shows Metabolic weaknesses
  • Monitor Progression – Enhance Recovery Potential
  • Therapeutic Dosing – Specific and Personalized


Types of Genetic Testing

Ancestry, Carrier, Trait and Pharmacogenetics                   

  • Ancestral origins
  • Traits (features)
  • Carrier Status for inherited disease
  • Disease-based
  • Drug and Medication Therapy
  • Direct to Consumer (DTC)
  • Insurance Companies are looking into results
  • Detects Predispositions of Particular diseases


  • Actionable SNP’s (Single nucleotide polymorphisms)
  • Metabolic weaknesses
  • Not disease-based
  • Nutritional delivery and abortion
  • Biochemical Pathways
  • Nutrition and nutritional supplementation support
  • Lifestyle Recommendations
  • Proactive and Preventative

Some Companies use your DNA and data for research outside of their software

  • We use Private Medical Laboratories That are strictly enforced by HIPPA and CLIA

Prevention and Proactive care is key!

Nutrigenetics gives your body a voice 

Health Precautions: Risk assessment and preventive care. (What do your genes predispose you to?)

  • Autoimmune?
  • Cardiovascular?
  • Hypertension?
  • Poor Detoxification?
  • Chronic Inflammation?
  • Allergies?
  • Poor Recovery?
  • Less than optimal hormone response?

 Hormone Imbalance 

  • Hormones are an enormous and often overlooked reason for illness and disease. Hormones are the messengers that direct all the chemical reactions(metabolism) in of your body that are essential for life. We would not be able to survive without hormones. Balancing hormones is critical…


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