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Restorative Yoga Brings Balance To Your Mind And Body

Restorative yoga is a style of yoga that helps your body to relax. Because we are all under so much pressure these days, most of us rarely get the chance to fully relax our physical bodies. People of all fitness levels can benefit from this type of yoga because you do not have to be in shape to handle the routines like you would have to be for power yoga.

The more you practice the poses in restorative yoga, the more relaxed and stretched your muscles become.

It is good to start your day with restorative yoga as a way to ease into your day and set the stage for a relaxing day to come. Evening is also a good time to practice since it helps you unwind from the stress of the day. To do the poses you need comfortable clothing that does not restrict you, a yoga mat for comfort, and folded blankets or bolsters for support.

One good restorative yoga pose you can do is to lie on the floor with the small of your back supported with folded blankets while your legs are outstretched against a wall. Try to be close enough to the wall that your legs press against it all the way down to your thighs. While in this relaxing position, concentrate on your breath so you can quiet your mind at the same time.

The child’s pose is another exercise in restorative yoga. To do this, sit on your knees on the yoga mat and then lower your upper body onto the mat while stretching out your arms. You may need to insert folded blankets or bolsters between your knees or under your chest for comfort. Maintain this position as long as it is comfortable while you focus on letting the tension and stress drain from your body.

Restorative yoga is called that because it restores balance and harmony to your body.
At Bay Health San Rafael, this is our #1 priority!

Restorative Yoga brings with it a whole host of benefits. For example, studies indicate this type of yoga may help lower blood pressure, triglycerides, and blood glucose levels while boosting levels of good cholesterol. This would be helpful for people afflicted with cardiovascular disease or diabetes.

Restorative yoga may also stimulate your parasympathetic nervous system.

This in turn may be able to boost your overall good health and immune system. It is well known that constant stress is detrimental to our health. Taking time to do yoga a couple of times each day helps you unwind and restores peace and harmony to your mind and body.

You can learn more about restorative yoga by joining with us for sessions on site and online.  The exercises are pretty easy to pick up and finally to get the optimal stress reduction benefits, you should practice the poses on a consistent daily basis.

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